The energy of the day:

This is a smooth day, so today you may go and do as you wish, no holds back, just have a normal day and you can do without any issues.  For some animals the day is strong as their energy is good, same for animals with negative energies except in the other direction.

If this is your birthday:

If you are not sleeping well or your weight could jump up or down in a short period of time, then it might be a good idea to check your hormones in specific your thyroid.  Play with  your emotions but through exercise you will be able to control them and by that path you will also be able to balance your hormones.  Walking to the beat of your own drum is your mantra, nice to be in the crowd but stand out you will so don’t sit back rather stand out and you will achieve all you want in life.  You know you are hot stuff, so again you were born to stand out, go for it and you will get there, you will probably also travel the world as you love beauty of all kind, especially yours.