Energy of the day:

A day with closed energies, don’t do anything important, if you can just take a personal day even better, if you need to do then meditate, pray get into the zone.

Aquarius ruling planets uranus and saturn, fixed modality, element air, leo polarity, masculine, key words rebel, innovative, free

Pisces ruling planets neptune and jupiter, mutable element water, polarity virgo, feminine, empathic, imagination, spiritually open, emotional.

If today is your birthday:

You have all the tools to succeed in life, you like the good life and go after it, work well with others, try and fix any family issues, especially if there is one with mother.  Be careful what you eat as your digestion is finicky, if you eat late then you will probably not sleep well.  Try and walk after a meal as your digestion is slow.  There is anger inside you, learn to harness but direct this emotion, it can give you the energy to triumph in many of your endeavors.