Energy of the day:

Good day to do all you want, have faith in the universe and believe in yourself.  look into your soul, abundance is yours, remember the limit is based on your own perception.  On this day make a push towards exelence, your goals are to be reset, with a new resolve believe in yourself.

If today is your birthday:

This date will want more and more, the good life will flow your way if you learn to harness your wit and emotions, don’t let them get the better of you.  Incredible you will have a rich life with adventures and some temptations for promiscuity.    You can handle all you need as you can express yourself in a clear way, try and be relaxed when adversity arrives as it does for all.  Anger clouds judgement and when you get angry sometimes your judgement can be clouded.  This birthday will be a great parent as you will defend those you love beyond all borders.