Energy of the day:

A day best used to clear obstacles, pray, meditate, use cleansing rituals, you can see my Youtube Channel as I offer many options for free.

The Tiger, Horse and Dog need to do extra today as your energies are low.

The Monkey and the Rooster have exceptionally good energy today.

Cancer: There is allot of energy flowing your way, if you deal with it properly it can be an asset.

Capricorn:  Big posible shift, time you took action and stop reacting to circumstances in your life.

Feng Shui:  Today between 3-5pm make noise “loud music, or noise loud” 15 minutes in the SE corner of your home or office to open up some good flow of energy.

If today is your birthday:

It’s easier to do a fast job than a good one, for you, monetary ups and down will pursue you, be patience and you will achieve.   You can handle all you need as you can express yourself in a clear way, try and be relaxed when adversity arrives as it does for all.  Anger clouds judgement and when you get angry sometimes your judgement can be clouded.  This birthday will be a great parent as you will defend those you love beyond all borders.  Listen to your intuition as it is strong with you, allow time to heal old wounds, don’t try to keep anger inside rather flow through it and come out on the other side with peace and the knowledge that you are more than just the sum of your experiences.