Energy of the day:

Succeeding energies today will bring you open doors to any endeavor so take it for a spin and accomplish any positive endeavors today.

The Rooster, Snake and Ox will have extra boost of negative energies today so keep low profile and clean your energies.

Cancer:  Today keep it real, a dream life is ok as long as it does not become your reality.

If you are 23 years of age this year, it should be a year with plenty of changes in your life, then very busy to adjust to your new reality.

If today is your birthday:

This date will want more and more, the good life will flow your way if you learn to harness your wit and emotions, don’t let them get the better of you.  Incredible you will have a rich life with adventures and some temptations for promiscuity.    You can handle all you need as you can express yourself in a clear way, try and be relaxed when adversity arrives as it does for all.  Anger clouds judgement and when you get angry sometimes your judgement can be clouded.  This birthday will be a great parent as you will defend those you love beyond all borders.