Energy of the day: Great day for more, on good days you want to take advantage and this is one of those days, luck is favorable today.

Today Jupiter conjunct chiron, for you Astrology aficionados.

The Tiger, Rabbit and the Pig will need to do some extra today as your energies are not at their best.

The Horse and the Goat have exceptionally good luck so for you the sky is the limit.

Cancer:  you might be a bit overwhelmed, nothing you can’t handle so stay the course.

Capricorn:  If you feel it’s the right time, breathe and know with a plan in place you will make the right moves.

If today is your birthday:

If you are married try and stay positive to attract positive outcomes, you will attract a positive love life if you don’t have one love will come so stay positive.  Repair relationships, your impulsive nature can cost you, think before you speak and if angry walk away maybe even exercise and come back to the issue with a clear mind.  If you drive slow down, your foot seems to be an extension of your emotions.  Flow with your creative nature and most of life’s issues will just flow away and you can get back to living a fulfilling life.  Traveling might be your thing if so, then get to it, never too late.  Love your life and it will love you back, stop dwelling on the past, you will live to a ripe old age, must keep the body healthy and you will make it to 90 years of age.