Energy of the day:

Any project you have been wanting to do, today has good day for initiation, as long as you have preparation then put your plans to action.

The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake and Rooster need extra help so for you some sort of cleansing ritual.

The Rabbit has good flow, take it for a spin today.

Leo:  Feeling anxious, maybe working out will get rid of anxiety.

Aquarius:  Feeling expectation of something positive coming, then the odds are good.

Feng Shui:  Place a metal object on the east side of your home or business to ward off a possible negative energy from this position.

Venus Enters Taurus
Exact March 16, 2023 at 4:34 pm MDT
Active from March 16th through April 11th, 2023

If today is your birthday:

Anger does not solve problems rather creates new ones, keep up your cardio, any type of sport, if you have these issues then any sort of exercise will help release and you will function much better.  Caution with a ticket or other vehicle issues, you tend to be sensual so keep yourself in check or it can get away from you.  You are deep, don’t let shortsightedness or attitudes get in your way to your destinations, you have many throughout life. Those expressive eyes can get you farther then attitude so learn to use all given to you by God and stop looking on the other side of the fence, you have all you need.