Energy of the day:

Another turbulent day, lets keep low profile during these complicated energy days, you want to set your intentions today but take action tomorrow, it’ all about putting it out there in the universe.  The moon has extra power for now so lets use it’s amazing energies for our wishes, create a purpose with passion we can accomplish and any moon magic for the foreseeable future will have more power to pierce our dreams into reality.


If today is your birthday:

Natural abilities, creative, artistic, let go of old family issues and put all your eggs in your basket, try and accomplish without being burdened by outside issues.  Good looking and good talker you will excel at many things but choose one to be great at.  If you fly off the handle try journaling, when you have one of those days write it down in detail then go back to that day 30 days later read and analyze why you go how you got and learn you will.  For some food is a sensual experience, enjoy a little down time you will replenish and ready for more.