Energy of the day:

The worse energy of the day, so for today stay quiet and don’t rock the boat, tomorrow will be a better day.

The Rabbit, Goat, Monkey and Pig definitely need to go that extra mile, so for you pray, meditate.

Virgo:  If you dream it, if you think it you can achieve it, sooner than you imagine.

Pisces:  You are  best taking care of yourself right now by focusing on your goals, making your wishes reality.

If today is your birthday:

If nature is your thing spend time in the ocean, connect with nature and the world will be your oyster.  Don’t hold on to past hurt as this can block you in the future, exercise will also help you to blow out the stress or anxiety that can occur with you when you hold on to the past.  You are charismatic so allow others to learn from you, like your life and it will love you back.  Feeling the pressure off of you, still not time to relax rather take this breather to reinvigorate your goals.