Energy of the day:

If you’ve been working towards something this is a good day to pull the trigger, if you wanted to apply for a new job, ask for more money at work, get engaged, you get the idea.  Try and stay away from any legal engagement as legal matter initiated today might not have best long term outcome.

If you are thirty three this year it will be a good general year for you.

If today is your birthday:

Creative, powerful and all knowing, so if all these things, why would you feel inadequate; perhaps it’s the circumstance you fall into is not the right one.  Change is life,  you’ve lived many previous lifetimes in Europe so if you have a yearning to go to a specific country when you get there find a park get barefoot and walk to ground your energy to the continent’s magnetic field.   There is always the potential to tap into smoother flowing energies find your path and forward you will go.