Energy of the day:

It’s a good day to balance your energies, so find your center, have faith and resolve to go forwards your belief will give you the edge even in your darkest of times you will find the light and it will light your day.

Libra:  This is what it’s all about, mingle and make life happen, when the energies are favorable it’s time for you to be at your best.

All animals today should work on your energies, the flow is ready for a flow, so a little push will go all the way.

If today is your birthday:

You have a lot of drive unfortunately this can cause digestive tract issues, if you exercise this could diminish the effects of this problem or eliminate all together.  Born to lead there is not much you can’t accomplish if you get out of your own way, emotionally speaking.   If you always feel that moving might be the answer, then you should self-analyze or see a therapist as you might have spiritual attachments.  If you see therapist and don’t find solution then try a spiritual cleanse, if not one then the other.