Energy of the day:

Today is a good day to play, if you have ideas, write down your floor plan for that future, create your business plan, some days are great to execute, some for love and others to prepare for the future.

Libra:  On all 8 cylinders fire up your best foot forwards, maybe time for you to come into the limelight and strut your stuff.

The Rabbit and the Monkey have extra something today so for you let it flow.

If today is your birthday:

You can achieve much in this lifetime, don’t let the little things get you so far out of sorts that it prevents you from achievement.  Your ultimate goal should be spiritual evolution, there is nothing you can’t accomplish, powerful  you can lead and others feeling this power will follow you, this energy can overflow into your personal life, you have this sexuality about you that can exceed what should be and others around  you can also feel your power.  So, with this being said no cheating, remember these are powerful sensual desires and can spill over, if in a relationship keep it to the person you are with or else it can cause disruption in your life.