Energy of the day:

If you want to start a project or anything new, it’s the right time for beginnings, remember when you start on the right foot things usually finish well.

The Snake will have a extra good day today.

Scorpio:  Give yourself a break, you’ve been pushing, it’s time to breathe, take a beat and know you will get it right.

Taurus:  Time to get motivated, don’t get stressed, it’s time, your time now!

Mars Enters Cancer
Exact March 25, 2023 at 5:45 am MDT
Active from March 25th through May 20th, 2023

If today is your birthday:

Look but don’t leap without thinking or you might land in a mess not of your making, believe you are connected with spirit and sprit will answer your call.  It’s early in life when you can find your true place in the cosmos.  I believe that aqua is a good color for you, that’s the blue green of the ocean and colors do change minds so for example a power color for you can be purple, wear it to any banking appointment, a belt, a little scarf, you get the idea.