Energy of the Day:

The best thing you can do today is simply chill until tomorrow, if however, you have some destruction to do then tear down that old bathroom and remodel, open that room by tearing down that wall.  Have an old stump in the backyard that needs removal or that old shed needs bringing down then today is a day of destruction!

The Rabbit, Goat, Monkey and Pig are even worse energy today so for you do some prayer, meditation, clear your aura through some form of cleansing ritual.  If you need you may book an appointment and see what you can do to improve your luck, otherwise you can also find my YouTube channel and see all the free suggestions to clean your energy there.  (564) Hector L Espinosa Psychic Medium – YouTube



If today is your birthday:

Although you can have an explosive temperament, working on your emotions should take priority, don’t get me wrong, a powerful person has a strong character, and you are made to be the boss.  Unfortunately, you live in the world and must adjust to fit in, so think before you speak, and this will avoid plenty of disasters.  If you tend to have vices keep them in check as a spirit of exes can drive you to loss, there will be a uniform person in your life of some sort, if a woman be careful with an abortion causing emotional issues.   Don’t be jealous or stubborn, keep away with any business or relationships with odd numbers.    If you don’t control your emotions the emotional life could be up and down.  Keep an eye on older female mentors if you are a woman, there could also be issues with a mother figure or even mother-in-law.  Since you can have speed in the brain when emotional be careful with a speeding ticket, accident or any other situation that can become an issue during emotional moments.  Careful surgeries require healing or cutting of the skin, slow healing also be careful with betrayal in business.