Energy of the day:

Because of the volatility of the day’s energy, it’s often best used as a day of ritual, pray, meditate, cleanse your energies and the day might not turn out as complicated.

The Tiger has exceptionally good energy today so for you, sky’s the limit.

Scorpio:  Be brave and acknowledge you must let go to achieve, so if something is not working cut your losses and move on!

The traditional days to celebrate and do your strongest rituals are:

Spring Equinox, 20th Marth 11:33,

Summer Solstice 21st June 5:14,

Autumn Equinox 22nd September 21:04,

Winter Solstice 21st December 16:48

If you need to modify the time a bit it will still work, try to be as accurate as posible.

If today is your birthday:

Your energy comes to the forefront of your everyday life, a sensitive person you can combine your strength and sensitive attitude into a trademark that will gain you plenty as you evolve to become more and more.  Don’t let the night life overwhelm you, if it does you might spiral out of control by not getting enough sleep and or not eating good food.  Emerge from your fog then allow time to heal your energies will recharge and you may again regain your path.