Energy of the Day:

Today’s energy is very auspicious, most things are possible on a day such as today, success and abundant return on your investments are definitely possible on this day.

Sagitarious:  It’s a day where you can begin to achieve any new or old project you’ve discarded, the energy that is coming will revitalize you.

Solar and Lunar eclipses are subtle, Solar eclipses are when the Moon is covering the Sun from the Earth’s viewpoint; it brings turbo-charged new Moon energy, a chance for fresh starts on your endeavors.  Lunar Eclipses is when the Earth is shading the Moon from sunlight.  Full moons bring more emotionally charged moments allowing us to clear and release past baggage.  Eclipses bring unexpected, life changing opportunities according to their relationships in your own natal chart.  If you know it look for them if you don’t know you might come to my website and in the products section, you can order your own Natal & Solar Return chart.

If today is your birthday:

Caution with a ticket or other vehicle issues, you tend to be sensual so keep yourself in check or it can get away from you.  You are deep, don’t let shortsightedness or attitudes get in your way to your destinations, you have many throughout life.  Life will open doors to your magnetic personality, a wink or other facial expression will catapult to the front of the line.  You’re good at reading people so if you work on those intangible good traits, you might or can go far in this lifetime.