Energy of the day:

You want good return on your endeavors, today is a good day for this.

The Rat, Tiger, Rabbit and the Pig have poor energy today so for you some prayer and meditation should be enough to balance your energies.

Sagittarius:  Time to check progress, if you need to, adjust direction!

Gemini:  It’s time for you to take a break and daydream, your best reality, creativity will come from some time to reflect.

*** Tomorrow, March 25th the Moon goes Void of Course, since it’s a complex energy it’s not a good time to do any significant transaction.  Only exception is if you were born when the Moon was Void of Course then it will be an exceptionally good time to make those deals.  Void of course for the Moon this month ends on the 27th at 9:39 pm.  If for example you are trying to sell a home or are a realtor, maybe wait to receive the contract if not the odds are good that the person might retract the offer as an example of something the moon Void of Course can cause.

If today is your birthday:

Your creative attributes are many, one thing about this birthday you were born to see other lands perhaps living abroad, for example if in the USA you could easily live in Europe and enjoy the land you’ve lived  at multiple times before.  When I see this, I recommend finding a park and walking barefoot to ground your energies in the magnetic field of the continent.  Your tendencies of leadership will take you where your Sharm can take you far, maybe even CEO or have your own business.  Never give up on your dreams because this birthday has a long and fruitful life.  When driving focus or a ticket could be the result!