Energy of the day:

Wonderful day to keep things flowing, just keep things on task and all will be fine.

The Rat, Dragon, Snake and Monkey need a bit more help as your energy is not as fluid today, some meditation and prayer will do the difference.

Capricorn:  You can handle alot, but even you have to know when enough is enough, so take a break and regroup.

Cancer:  Time to connect with nature, the earth needs your help, keep things real so flowing with nature and life will clear for you.

If today is your birthday:

Although you can be great with others when it comes to your own personal life and feelings you don’t share with others as easily.  Remember this birthday sometimes does not realize the power you can have over others, keep it simple as you may inadvertently send another on an ill-conceived path just because your magnetic personality.   Your karisma can give you abilities to succeed at all you do, so stay on the positive side and use your gifts for good.  Make sure you take a good multi vitamin along with a multi vitamin B as you can be high strung and it can affect your nervous system.