Energy of the day:

Truly a good day to initiate change, believe in yourself, learn to live in gratitude, be grateful for all you have and all will be yours.  When we have self doubt it creates your own prison of sorts on a day like today its energies are good for release of the old and renew of the new.

If this year your are 61 years of age it’s time for you to reap the rewards of all the work you have done.  You can’t if you continue in the rat race, it’s time to chill and just enjoy a lazy day with gratitude.

If this is your birthday:


Although you can be great with others when it comes to your own personal life and feelings you don’t share with others as easily.  Remember this birthday sometimes does not realize the power you can have over others, keep it simple as you may inadvertently send another on an ill-conceived path just because your magnetic personality causes people to follow you down a rabbit hole if it’s so required by you.