Energy of the day:

If you have plans that inteil long distance project, today is a good day as endurance and success is what the energy of today will bring.  Been looking at a project that could take 3 months a year or more then definitely the flow is good today.

For the Ox and Rooster their energies are low so before you initiate perhaps some meditation & prayer would be good.

The Rabbit today has exceptional energy so for you the sky’s the limit.

Cancer:  For you connecting with nature is best, so maybe a project to make a garden, you get the idea, ground with nature and your life will also become more grounded.

Capricorn:  Know when enough is enough, so listen to your internal clock and trust your gut.

If you are 28 this year and your birthday was before February 2023 then make sure you resolve any legal issues or it could complicate your life.  If your birthday of age 28 was after February 2023 then this is going to be a blessed year where most things should go your way.


If today is your birthday:

You are a good friend, don’t be so judgmental with others, sometimes you don’t have patience but not all are built as smart and flowy as you so be nice to those not as well-endowed mentally.  It’s funny but others can easily see you as this brain trust and you feel that others don’t give you the credit you deserve or don’t understand you.  Need to learn to meditate, getting your 8 hours of sleep will make you more livable.  I say that because when you are cranky you can be a bit of a bore, even more snappy even fall on depression if not careful and this lack of sleep lasts too often.