Energy of the day:

Today’s energy is very complex and low so don’t try anything of significance, on these days best to chill and maybe work on destructive endeavors like cutting down that tree in the back yard, yes the one that it’s roots is liftin the foundation of the house or that old shed to put in a new one.

If this year you are 23 perhaps it’s time for big changes, it’s a change year with ramifications 10-15 years into the future so make long lasting changes.

If today is your birthday:

You are a good friend, don’t be so judgmental with others, sometimes you don’t have patience but not all are built as smart and flowy as you so be nice to those not as well-endowed mentally.  It’s funny but others can easily see you as this brain trust and you feel that others don’t give you the credit you deserve or don’t understand you.  Need to learn to meditate, getting your 8 hours of sleep will make you more livable.  I say that because when you are cranky you can be a bit of a bore, even more snappy even fall on depression if not careful and this lack of sleep lasts too often.