Energy of the day:

A wonderful day for starting, hand in marriage, a new time to begin a new job, start any new activity and do it right.

From the 27th of March till the 11th of April comes a time of complicated universal energies so best to stay put, keep moving forwards but definitely not a good time to take risks!

Aquarius:  If lack of sleep and restlessness overcomes you then might as well work on your productive endeavors.

The Rabbit and the Goat will have good energy, for you going that extra mile will have positive outcomes.

If today is your birthday:

You were born to lead, in the corporate world or the world of artistry, creative enough to hit a home run in any area of life success is yours if you pursue it.   You have the type of demeanor that can catapult you high in status, be careful not to be too much or can turn people off.  You tend to be too strong a personality especially in your personal life that can push away those closest to you.  You can win anyone over through your charm but if you can do all that at a distance living with you might be a bit much so learn to turn off that intensity or you could have it all and loose those you want to share your good fortune with.