Energy of the day:

A great day to start anything, start your day on the right foot, does not matter what it is, like that saying says the longest journey starts with the first step.  Anything you want to initiate today has the right energies to start.

The Rat, Dragon and Snake have exceptionally good energy today.

The Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig can use some cleansing ritual to achieve the same flow as your energies are not as positive today.

Leo: Time to get rid of things that no longer support your endeavors, pull the trigger on what is next for you.

Aquarius:  Be open to change, this will allow for a smoother future.

If today is your birthday:

You were born to lead, in the corporate world or the world of artistry, creative enough to hit a home run in any area of life success is yours if you pursue it.   You have the type of demeanor that can catapult you high in status, be careful not to be too much or can turn people off.  You tend to be too strong a personality especially in your personal life that can push away those closest to you.  You can win anyone over through your charm but if you can do all that at a distance living with you might be a bit much so learn to turn off that intensity or you could have it all and loose those you want to share your good fortune with.