Energy of the day:

Worse energy of the month, only good for destruction, so if you’ve been wanting to tear down that old shed or removing that stump in the back yard today is the day.  Want to file for divorce then it’s good to do today, you get the idea anything destructive will be a good thing today.

If you are 35 years of age this year born before january this year then it’s a year of big changes, a year where you should cut loose things that no longer fit your life and pull the trigger on anything you want to initiate this year, move, change jobs, start your own business, you get the idea.

Leo:  Don’t hold on to the old that is pulling you back, rather go fourth and cut loose those things that don’t truly belong in your life going forwards.

Aquarius:  New things are coming, stop stressing and allow the change to enter your life.

If today is your birthday:

You want more so work hard and you will achieve, as an old soul the desire to have more will be great so if you feel behind you will feel trapped, don’t despair your birth defined your future with the right effort there will be nothing you can’t accomplish.  You will not stand for injustice so if you decide to follow the law you will be good at that as well.  Allow yourself to be pampered, it’s always time for you, enjoy every moment, enjoy life.