Energy of the day:

It’s time to reap rewards for all you have done, send these positive wishes out to the universe, believe me when i tell you that wishes do have power.  When properly focused you will achieve your wishes, does not mean it will happen right away but in the past i have seen quick resolutions to unsurmountable issues.

If you are 63 years of age on this year you will reap  rewards, you will get help, work, personal, even health will be better.


If this is your birthday:

You have all the bells and whistles when it comes to charisma you can swing with the best of them, the way you can get in and out shows your ability to weal and deal so I would say look at the law as you also don’t like injustice.  A person of detail you carry a lethal combination where you are good at what you do but don’t like injustice.  Find your groove but don’t settle there may yet be more options than you have tough of keep trying and you will succeed.