Energy of the day:

A great day to align yourself to the day’s energies and any project as the energies of the day bring success to most endeavors.  Stay away from any negative activities like legal issues etc.

The Rat, Snake and Rooster need a little more today as your energies are not at their best.

Pisces:  It’s time for growth, figure out some positive changes then engage in this new direction, you will find your balance, patience.

Virgo:  I know you want it all right now but right now it’s time for little changes, in the long run you will see it all.

If today is your birthday:

You have an aggressive bone, be careful about jumping the gun it could cost you friendships and or family relations.  There is a possibility that while your mother was pregnant with you there was some emotional things she went through, ask and if so, get some regression therapy to release somethings you might have received not of your own making.    Can definitely tell people what to do, a good teacher you can be more of a speedster so be careful with driving and a ticket, if you like to speed.  If your mother is still alive fix any unresolved issues as later in life it can haunt you.