Energy of the day:

First day of the month and definately a day to initiate any positive projects you’ve had on the back burner.  The energy of a positive day starts positive things on the right foot, today is that day.

The Dragon, Goat and the Pig need to do more work to get the same result, it’s possible but you need to push a little more.

Today the Snake has a positive flow so even more for you this day can bring positive results.

Aries: Buckle down and don’t let your emotions get the better of you, this to shall pass.

Libra:  I know you might feel a bit overwhelmed, you know when this happens, hit the gym, blow the stress out in a positive direction.

If today is your birthday:

Reality is that the world can be a tough place to navigate, try and not let emotions get the better of you especially if you hold on to them, remember most body issues become because you hold on to your hurt or anger, let it go and the body will thank you.  Yellow is a good color for you, try to often on a sunny day look towards the sun and say as you shine so does my life.  Get yourself into the bright sunny zone instead of the gray areas.