Energy of the day:

Stagnant energy day, what can I say except keep a low profile and tomorrow will be a better day.

The Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey and Rooster will need to stay low profile today as the energies for you are low as well.

Aries:  I know you are probably stressing but don’t take it out on others, own your stress and destress by exercise.

Libra:  You need to choose, your health, physical and emotional is more important, put all other responsibilities on the back burner and you may yet find time tomorrow to deal with those.

On July 18th to January 11th 2025 the Lunar Nodes & eclipses are in Aries/Libra.

On July 22nd Venus Retrograde.

Mercury Retrogrades in all Earth signs through out 2023


If today is your birthday:

If you are feeling tired or drained, you will regain your vitality.  You can have spiritual attachment that sets you back, clean yourself regularly and you will have success in life. For this birthday it’s important you listen and accept input from those who want to help you.  A bit of a person who likes nature, no matter how stressful release anger and think with a non-drama resolve.  You will not tire until you achieve your goals, dreams.  Get with the program you are the type of person who dreams of more, more love, more passion, can take you into excess so be careful to catch yourself before your obsessive tendencies take you to extremes.