Energy of the day:

A good day to initiate, propose marriage, get engaged, Start a new job, any new is good for you to do today.

The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake and the Rooster will need to work on your energies today.

The Rabbit has an exceptional day today so for you anything is possible today.

Taurus:  You have the trifecta, Mind, Body and Spirit, when together you are unstoppable.

Scorpio:  Don’t be self centered, we all have opinions, we can’t all be right so give room for perhaps other views.


If today is your birthday:

Remember measure your responses, excessiveness can even drive up your weight, you are capable of more than you know, stay focus on your goals and you will achieve all you want.  Life has gifted you with an inquisitive mind, behold for you have potential but without action it will expire without result.  May you  have the life you desire, wish upon a star and it can be yours, plus a little work on your part.  Look in the mirror and know you can take on anything life throughs your way.  He struggles and eventually overcoming it will allow you to grow stronger and wiser.