Energy of the day:

If you feel the need to clean your karma, today is a positive day to pray, meditate, do cleansing rituals and clear your path for a better future.  A day best served to remove the unwanted or end anything you know it’s over but did not know how to close that door.

The Tiger, Horse and Dog don’t have the best energies so for you an extra bit of work could actually help cut loose all negative energies.

For the Rooster you have an extra good flow of energy today so take that for a spin and the odds are good for you to achieve your goals.

Taurus:  Full of energy and self confidence, a good time for you for sure, take your energy for a spin, time to achieve.

Scorpio:  Your opinions are not the only ones, so be open to listening and not so confident that your is the only right one.


If today is your birthday:

Very lonely, sensitive, get harder shell so you don’t sweat the little things.  Check eyes as you might need glasses.  As you travel close to ocean is best, you can dip into the dark negative side so exercise will keep you balanced.  Your life is like the phoenix, reborn from the ashes of your old life, a lot of what is said here can be prevented by always crossing your Ts and dotting your I’s.  Work the nature angle, cultivate a garden, cook all-natural things.  Try and wear a thin red string on your left wrist, will help you plow through negative situations.  Take ownership of situations that are yours, do not get wrapped up in the details of a situation, address it and move on, life is better when you don’t drown in emotion.  You are mystic, trust in yourself your intuition, if you make mistakes do not lie to cover them up come clean and you will move forwards, lies are compounded until the hole you’ve dug is too big to come out from.