Energy of the day:

A most auspicious day, a day when your goals and your path will align, take a chance, and pull the trigger, initiate, finish, all you need do on a day like this is act and your odds are better than most days.

Gemini: More fired up than usual use it or lose it, a time for moving your goals forward.


If today is your birthday:

You love the spiritual world, if you are not there, you will be, and enlightenment will grow as your spirituality grows.  Remember to measure your responses, excessiveness can even drive up your weight, you are capable of more than you know, stay focused on your goals and you will achieve all you want.  Life has gifted you with an inquisitive mind, behold for you have potential but without action it will expire without result.  May you have the life you desire, wish upon a star and it can be yours, plus a little work on your part.