Energy of the day:

Today is a good day to initiate the energies are fluid so good to make long lasting projects a success.

today is a great energy day for the Rat, for you the sky’s the limit, take full advantage.

The Tiger, Rabbit and the Horse will need to work a bit harder as your energies today are not optimal.

Cancer:  Take a step back and look at the big picture, this will help you choose your best path.

Capricorn:  If you are honest with yourself and you’ve done the work, it’s time to close and start your new endeavor or life.

If today is your birthday:

Your best colors are blue or white or combo of it, there are doors to be opened but if you don’t knock, they won’t open.  You have within you a great leader search inside and bring out those qualities. I like the pastel colors for you, keep a little coral horn adornment on your person, on a bracelet  or other just remember you are good with the ocean so keeping a piece of it with you  will fortify your aura strengthen your resolve and block negative energies from affecting you.  maybe a carrier in law enforcement or lawyer might be good for you defenders of the underdogs often choose these to fulfil their feeling of justice for all. Get a gallon of regular milk, open outdoor and let it absorb the night dew, leaven it in the morning sun then grab it take inside, prepare shower, don’t get under water rather lift the gallon and ask as I pour this blessed milk over my head may it clear my mind and allow those thought of clarity to manifest in my life.