Energy of the day:

Today the energy is great to start a project, starting on the right foot often means your chances of completion of a project will increase exponentially.  If you want to do something new, well then today is a good day for it.

The Rabbit, Monkey, Dog and Pig will need to do more work today to achieve the same results as your energies today are not at their best.

Placing emphasis on exercise, mental health is an often ignored part of health until it becomes a hindrance; cardio & even strength exercise can cut the percentage of people who peak with mental health issues.  Humans are social creatures so if you socialise the odds also decrease of becoming depressed, so become socially fit and also decrease the chances of getting depressed.   So be happy don’t worry, becoming isolated is part of the problem, healthy socialization can be the cure, it’s not the amount of interaction rather the quality of the friendships or relationships.   Another often ignored portion of health is sleep, as an average we should all have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every evening.  We also do well with consistency so pick a time and try and go to bed at this time, say 11pm every night, show your body who is boss, if you are not sleeping much, go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, if you had a poor night sleep, does not matter, wake up at the same time, your biological rhythm will get you back on track often enough.

If today is your birthday:

Sensitive and attractive to the opposite sex, sensuous to the touch, you need to be picky to connect with someone on a sexual level or you can get lost in exes, make better connections with friends and family and you will grow.  Work hard and achieve all your desires, there is nothing beyond your reach just work on your emotions and don’t let them control you, release any hurt feelings or they can fester and again off balance emotionally you will go.  Learn not to jump rather think before you overreact, sensitivity is not a back thing don’t overdo the other extreme just because you think being sensitive is a weakness.  Try not to eat late and go to bed as you could have a slow digestive system.