Energy of the day:

Unless you can’t modify your day’s activity, the energy is not smooth so best wait till another day before doing anything of importance in your daily life.  A day fit for destructive endeavors, if you want to ask for a divorce or break with a relationship or friendship today should be avoided for any positive activity.  If you want to tear down that old shed or rip that stump that has been an eyesore then today is that day.

The Rat and the Dragon have poor energy today so for you maybe some meditation and or prayer will increase your positive flow.

According to Feng Shui and the Flying Stars Placements for 2023.  Below are the areas with good energy flow and or areas to be avoided this year, although some areas are positive they are to energetic so might not be good for sleeping.

SW corner of the space you live or work in is good for attracting a good reputation & fame.

S area will bring in the wealth star this year, bringing progress and prosperity so a good area to work from this year.

SE corner can help those who need to be empowered to stand up for themselves but also give you short patience so a mixed bag.

E area is an area that can open the energies to poor health, so if you have poor health this is not a good area to spend to much time there.

NE corner can bring unrest and poor communication so not the best corner to spend extended periods of time in this area.

N area is good for promotion, it will enhance your popularity and overall good luck.

NW corner can bring obstacles so another area to be avoided for any long periods of time.

W area is good for you to be recognized, your abilities will be enhanced this year if you spend enough time in this area.

Center of your Home or Office is a good area for learning and or Love, so definitely a good place to spend plenty of time.

If today is your birthday:

Remarkably high capacity for spiritual service, so can be a priest of any religion, writers, communicators of any form would be good carriers for this sign.  You sign and have a magnetic personality, practicality can rule this sign, very mature soul so responsibility rules.  Be careful not to become too sensitive, can make a career,  as a psychologist, psychic as your level of intuitiveness is immense.  If not careful can be used and abused because of your kind persona, so can be overworked and under paid.  Can be a king maker, you can be the power behind the throne, this would be a great place for you as you like to pull the strings but not be in the firing line.