Energy of the day:

A good energy day to clear negative energies, even karma may be mitigated today, focus on spiritual or religious growth today any energy clearings will be positive today.  The energy is unstable so don’t gamble today wait for another day to do any endeavor of significance.

The Ox, Snake and Rooster today need to go that extra mile to clear your path as your energies today are not that positive.

Yesterday I gave some examples of what areas are positive or areas to be avoided, below I will give you some guidance as to how best to handle those areas.

SW If you want to get better in your communications skills, good for people working in any of the media fields, good for reputation improvement.

E If you have issues in your sleep this area is not the best for you to have your bedroom, also if your health is not it’s best, you can move your physical bed to another area of the room.

SE You can become more irritable so limit the amount of time you spend in this area.

Center area  If you are studying or looking for love or looking to improve your love life then this is the area you want to spend the most time.

NW this area should be avoided this year, that would definitely include sleeping in this area.

W this is an area to stay as much as possible if you are looking to improve your career, job or business, an area that can help you fulfil your ambitions, this energy is very busy so not a good area to sleep as it can keep you up at night.

NE This area is negative so if you can avoid spending to much time in this area would be best as it can generate energy of loosing or having something stolen.  This area can make you more susceptible to getting robbed.  If you happen to have your front door in this area make sure you lock your doors and windows, secure your valuables etc, you get the idea.

The North or South area are good for financial or career improvement, good area to have your work area or desk located, if you don’t but can placed it in this area definitely move your desk or work area in these areas.

If today is your birthday:

Your sensitive nature can help you, don’t think of it as a weakness because it can take you far if you balance it well.  If you are one of those few that stress gets to you, some sublingual vitamin B12 will go nicely to replenish that nervous energy that seems to seep from your pores.  Stability and family are what brings this sign life so go get it, find that partner or if already with that person cultivate it so it will last you a lifetime.  One of the biggest things for you to accomplish is to be of service, medicine, psychology, teaching or any career that is of service will give you what you need to fulfil your life’s primary mission in this lifetime.