Energy of the day:

This is a good energy day to get returns on those things you have invested time, energy or money on, so if you have been working hard at work to get a promotion today is a good day to ask, been working up the courage to ask for a date and been social with that person, good day to ask, you get the idea.

The dragon and Goat have volatile energies today so for you some meditation and or prayer will bring in that boost of good energies so go that extra mile and get the results you need on all your efforts.

Virgo:  Even if things are not going well don’t let that deter you, push, push and you will eventually get the results you are looking for.

Pisces:  You may have felt life got more serious, realize the planets have made serious shifts so realize it’s not good or bad, might need to make adjustments and get back on track.

Are you aware that originally astrology was more for people in power like kings, the wealthy landowners.  Much later it was tailored for the individual.  General astrology horoscopes like your sun sign, it became popular in the 1930’s, it’s easier to figure out as the sun changes every 30 days, while the more accurate sun, rising, moon sign horoscopes are much more accurate to the individual. For this type of accuracy you must know your time of birth while not needed for the sun sign horoscope.

If today is your birthday:

You have just the right balance of sensitive and creative energies, try your hand at sales or people in general. You are liked and people look at you with a good heart, look in the mirror for this is your battle ground not outside of yourself rather in your own mind.  Easy, if you just accept yourself for the better rather than the worse.  We all have many qualities what are unique, do you focus on the negative rather than the positive.  See your beauty inside and out, you will have some haters but hey God graced you with gifts don’t other dictate how you should be.