Energy of the day:

A good day to get return on your investment, ask for what you want and you have been getting ready today might be a good day to get return on your investment.

The Dragon, Goat and Pig need to go that extra mile to receive the same returns so work on it a bit harder and you might also reap the rewards from your efforts.

Virgo:  Keep pushing as the month progresses you to will feel things become easier, don’t give up, don’t surrender.

Pisces:  Stay on the positive zone, stay away from thinking, acting or speaking negatively.



If today is your birthday:

Don’t cry over spilled milk or what is not good for you, no matter in life you will always overcome adversity.  You might have  an issue with your extremities, legs, arms etc.   To overcome health issues, see a spiritual healer.   Any pending issues deal with them don’t let it fester, you are very open spiritually so clean your energies regularly and see how things get better.  Very lonely, sensitive, get harder shell so you don’t sweat the little things.  Check eyes as you might need glasses.  As you travel close to ocean is best, you can dip into the dark negative side so exercise will keep you balanced.  Your life is like the phoenix, reborn from the ashes of your old life, a lot of what is said here can be prevented by always crossing your Ts and dotting your I’s.  Work the nature angle, cultivate a garden, cook all-natural things.  Try and wear a thin red string on your left wrist, will help you plow through negative situations.  Take ownership of situations that are yours, don’t get wrapped up in the details of a situation, address it and move on, life is better when you don’t drown in emotion.  You could need glasses so if you have not, it might be time to check your eyes.