Energy of the day:

Focus today on all long term goals, just revisit and confirm you are on track, then get going, ask for that hand in marriage, submit that application, that book you’ve written.  Anything you have been waiting to pull the trigger on, well today is that day.

If today is your birthday:

Remember measure your responses, excessiveness can even drive up your weight, you are capable of more than you know, stay focus on your goals and you will achieve all you want.  Life has gifted you with an inquisitive mind, behold for you have potential but without action it will expire without result.  May you  have the life you desire, wish upon a star and it can be yours, plus a little work on your part.  Comfort is something you relish, if you feel uneasy maybe a little solitude is what is called for, you might be surprised how quickly you recover with some me time.

There is magic in everything, place water in a chalice of sorts,  something natural, can be wooden, metal, no plastic, fill with regular water, rain water works great, if you don’t have pond water, well water, river water.  At night, after the moon is at it’s apex, “high in the night sky” take the chalice out into the open where the moon is visible, lift up with both hands and ask the mighty moon, the loving moon, mother moon to bless this water so It may be used to heal, give me the grace to channel your magical healing loving energies so I might use this infused water to heal, you may at this time say who you want to heal, “full name” and the type of healing you want the water to perform “sickness, physically, emotional, mental, spiritual” you get the idea. Do this request three times as you lift the chalice up to the moon, then as you bring down to a level where you can repeat with your breath into the water the same request then up again doing the incantation three full times.  When you are done you may use this water for the healing purpose, bathe your hands onto the water then sprinkle the water from your hands to the person to be healed, you may cup the water on your hands and let it drop onto the person to be healed head.  Blessings can come in all forms and why not you, after all we are all the same, living energies and capable of harnessing the goodness that is within all of us.   I recommend working on this healing three evenings on the same person, remember does not matter the issue even hexed, bad luck, etc., with faith we can move mountains.

Now here is the mirror of this spell magic, do at noon asking the Sun, the great life giver for the same, very similar spell except you will be drawing on solar power, that eternal battery that gives life.  Some will have an affinity with the moon, others with the sun so test your magical powers and be open, you will be surprised to what you can accomplish with faith.