Energy of the day:

A day where what you initiate has a better tendency to stand the test of time so get engaged today, start that new project or job today, any item with initiation today has a better chance to go the distance.

The Tiger, Rabbit, Horse and Dog need take a bit more time to focus as your energies may be a bit scattered today.

Libra:  I know you are about balance but there are some days that your well-being is more important than any other items on your agenda.

Aries:  Ride the wave of turbulence, don’t let it pull you under, remember, this too shall pass.

If today is your birthday:

For a person who can be good with others you need to find your center, make sure you can get eye drops place the bottle in the refrigerator, use them 2 drops in each eye daily.   You are charismatic and able to do more than you think, take your cool energies for a spin in your life in the life of others.  The more stable your personal life the better your life in general, be careful with betrayal, not paranoias rather it’s good to be good but not stupid, don’t allow people to take advantage of your good nature.  If you need to recharge your batteries, the ocean is or should be your go to place, don’t keep any negative emotions as you can have a tendency to dwell.