Energy of the day:

Today is one of those days that any endeavor you want to start will have a better chance of success, the energy is stable and renewal is good on this day, start and you will accomplish.

You might feel overwhelmed this year if you are 48, on this year you might be juggling many things and can feel like a lot, if so slow down, there are many other ways to overcome stress.

If today is your birthday:

Remarkably high capacity for spiritual service, so can be a priest of any religion, writers, communicators of any form would be good carriers for this sign.  You sign and have a magnetic personality, practicality can rule this sign, very mature soul so responsibility rules.  Be careful not to become too sensitive, can make a career,  as a psychologist, psychic as your level of intuitiveness is immense.  If not careful can be used and abused because of your kind persona, so can be overworked and under paid.  Can be a king maker, you can be the power behind the throne, this would be a great place for you as you like to pull the strings but not be in the firing line.