Energy of the day:

Not a good day for most things, so keep a low profile today and this two will pass.   If there are any destructive activities then it’s ok, uproot that old stump, tear down that old shed, you get the idea.

If you are 55 this year then you should be in for a spell of good luck, give yourself a break and believe that miracles will happen.

If today is your birthday:

You are tough but it’s all a façade to avoid showing vulnerabilities, you work hard but let others get to you more than you should allow. Follow your heart and be the leader, show your potential, if you want to see change be the change, don’t expect others to do what you can what you should. Don’t worry about accomplishment, trust your instincts, let your spiritual nature out for a spin and see how good you really are. Make sure you study before you take on any argument, if you do you will find an equitable solution and make a new friend along the way.