Energy of the day:

To start on the right foot is a good begining for any journey, today is such a day that what ever you endeavor will have a better chance to flourish.

The Rabbit, Dog and Pig have complex energies so for your go the extra mile to cleanse your energies.

Capricorn:  Time to face challenges.

Cancer:  No rest for you these days, push and you will make all your goals and dreams.

If today is your birthday:

You have some creative stuff happening, rest and relaxation “R & R” is a must as you like to get your Zs and if you don’t you can be a little grumpy, test the path by working harder and harder but if accomplishment does not happen in time you will choose another path.  Your creative endeavors will take you far, I think your creative eye will give you options, perhaps interior designer, or wedding planner the sky’s the limit.  Whatever options, you will excel because won’t accept failure, it’s a move it or lose it birthday so leadership qualities will drive you to succeed.  Don’t think sensitivity is a bad thing, let your instincts guide you.