Energy of the day:

It’s a good energy day, try to do something you would not do on any other day, serve in a food kitchen for the homeless, start exercise if you have not done it for years.  Take a walk in the park and enjoy nature, you get the idea, on a day like this you should try something new.

Pisces: Go to the comedy club, have your 2-drink minimum, let your hair down and laugh your AAA off.

If today is your birthday:

Hardheaded, likes things their way, can have Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Pinochet tendencies, so if you find your mind going there find a way out or poor relationships. Can be related to justice, on the side or against but can have justice in their lives or careers, psychically inclined and likes the good life.  I can use glasses, overly sensitive so can fire away but does not like to be told things.  Would do well in law enforcement, military etc.