Energy of the day:

If you have been working towards a goal or goals, now is the time for you to reap the rewards.  If you’ve been working diligently to get a promotion, now is the time to ask, the odds are favorable to get a yes.  This time is good for all asks as long as you’ve worked towards that goal.

The Snake has good, extra good flow of energy so for you the limits are only set by you.

Virgo:  Keep pushing forwards it will become easier as time passes.

Pisces:  It’s time to stop all negative self talk, if you have a problem either fix it or cut it from your path.

If today is your birthday:

Hard Headed, likes things their way, can have Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Pinochet tendencies, so if you find your mind going there find a way out or poor relationships. Can be related to justice, on the side or against but can have justice in their lives or carriers, psychically inclined and likes the good life.  Can use glasses, overly sensitive so can fire away but does not like to be told things.  Would do well in law enforcement, military etc, If you need something, go to the ocean.