Turbulent energies of the day are best served tearing down things you’ve been wanting to destroy.  Knock down walls, cut trees etc, if you happen to be 73 or 85 years of age, an opportunity to find new passions will be afforded you this year, enjoy new hobbies and more.

If today is your birthday know you are smart, knowledge is power, so you like to learn, maybe get into growing your own food, cooking healthy natural, try not to obsess as it can drive you into depression.

If you are a goat, this day should be lucky so maybe buy 1 lotto ticket only one.  Luck is not always for gambling so if you want something important this would be a good day for you.  For the rooster definitely not a day to do anything of importance.

I’ll give some insight on how to open path to abundance as we move through these daily messages, exiting times ahead.