Energy of the day:

Best energy day this month so all is open, focus and structure what to do on such an open day, take advantage as it does not occur everyday.

Since the Dog as a good energy day, it is your to really take the time to achieve your highest goals today.

Virgo:  It’s your time to get what is not working and make it right.

Pisces:  It’s your time to blossom so go for it.


If today is your birthday:

know you are smart, knowledge is power, so you like to learn, maybe get into growing your own food, cooking healthy natural, try not to obsess as it can drive you into depression.  Try your hand at a creative type of business I know you are sensitive and being the boss can scare you but it’s part of your evolution don’t fear it.  Enjoy an adventure if you can’t travel then dive into books and life vicariously though the adventures in writing.  In this lifetime one of your lessons is to be patient with the lessors.