good day to ask and you shall receive, apply for loan, hand in marriage.  If you wanted to through a house party also a good day to do it.  Not a good day to do anything legal so try not to get in trouble or file lawsuit, if you have court, reschedule for a better day.

If this is your birthday You’re an old soul so authoritative the need to be on your own, generally want to make the world a better place.

Bad day for the Goat,

Astrology in one form or another the wheel has existed more than 5000 years, it can help you improve or avoid situations, it’s written in the stars.  90% of all humans know in one form or another their astrological information, are you an ox, are you virgo; ask around you will see knowledge of such things are everyday for most humans.  Dreams are interpretations of information being passed to us through the subconscious mind.  Precognition in it’s many forms come to us, it’s more common than we think and perhaps with time this avenue to obtain information will be used to prevent something or to improve on your current situation.  Predictive analytics is being developed using science today, trying to predict the future.