Energy of the day:

Today the energy is stable, full steam ahead as on a day with stable energies you may have a good chance to have all things go right for you.

The Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Goat and Dog all have complicated energies so for you a little more work like prayer and meditation.

The Monkey and the Rooster have exceptionally good energy today.

Aries:  We all have bad days, don’t take that out on anyone unless you have true cause.

Libra:  You won’t enjoy your day if you are constantly exausted.


If today is your birthday:

You’re an old soul so authoritative the need to be on your own, generally want to make the world a better place.  Don’t lose sight of the basics, let your intuitive sensitive side come out, this is your balance.  Your makeup is such that some alone time is needed to replenish.  Keep your eyes open and be productive ideas come from least expected places.  As an old soul you want to feel independent, remember when you feel trapped it’s because you are an old soul, although you might be your age, most of the time your soul could be 20 years more.  If you were that 20 years older then you might have a reason to feel trapped, but realize 20 years younger is your reality and you are not behind, keep this in mind.