Energy of the day:

On a day like today all positive endeavors will be lucky,  the only no, no for the day is anything destructive, so don’t burn or blow anything up, don’t tear up that fence or gut that wall in the home, otherwise all is good, best day of the month to move forwards.

If you are 58 years of age this year, avoid any emotionally charge arguments or go from a small thing to a big argument by going outside the scope of the reason for the argument, it can also be a problem when a misunderstanding escalates.  All this can cost you a friendship or relationship this year.


If today is your birthday:

You’re an old soul so authoritative the need to be on your own, generally want to make the world a better place.  Don’t lose sight of the basics, let your intuitive sensitive side come out, this is your balance.  Your makeup is such that some alone time is needed to replenish.  Keep your eyes open and be productive ideas come from least expected places.