Energy of the day:

A day best suited to clear bad energy, so work your prayers, meditation, cleansing rituals.

The Rat, Tiger, Rabbit and the Pig need to work a little harder today.

The Horse and the Goat have exceptionally good energies today so go for it.

Aries:  It’s time for you to focus, if you are on your right mind, nothing can stop you so just focus.

Libra:  Sometimes it’s just time to take a mental day and refresh your mind, body and soul, amen!

If today is your birthday:

You would be good in the medical profession or even a teacher,  you need to learn to let go, don’t hold on to negative emotions they drain your creativity.  Try and make your dreams reality, if you can visualize a thing you can make it real.  Dress well, feel well, kind of fake it till you make it, if you are repetitively positive eventually you will achieve all you wish.  Sensitivity is not a weakness, let it flow and be who you are, maybe a little clumsy so focus.